Bray J. Beltrán

Conservation & Equity Director at Heart of the Rockies Initiative


Bray is a spatial ecologist by training. His vision of conservation includes people as integral and involved stewards of their surroundings. Here, in its purest form, conservation is a practice where we not only protect the spaces around us for non-human species but where we recreate, restore, and maintain a relationship of nourishment and reciprocity with our surroundings. He conducts his science with this framework in mind.

Bray works as the Conservation and Equity Director for a land trust partnership, Heart of the Rockies Initiative, where he gets to interact with different actors (including but not exclusive to Indigenous partners, state and federal agents, policymakers, NGO practitioners, and private landowners) to advance land conservation and community resilience in the Central Rocky Mountains of North America.

Expertise: spatial ecology, global change ecology, land protection, community conservation, justice, equity, and inclusion.