Building a Community of Support

The COMPASS Network

Join a community of science professionals committed to the wellbeing of people and nature.

A supportive community is transformational

What We Offer

Member Benefits

We are committed to creating the kind of caring, supportive community that we all need to thrive. The COMPASS Network does not have membership fees.

Connect with Fellow COMPASS Alumni

The Network offers various opportunities to find and connect with others who are familiar with the COMPASS approach/tools and share our core values. Find fellow alumni based on region, expertise, and areas of interest, including a Member Directory, member events, and Offer & Ask forums.

Access Skill-Building Opportunities

Participate in ongoing learning and practice opportunities to advance your skills in strategic science communication, leadership, and engagement — including open-access office hours with COMPASS staff. Members also receive discounted rates for COMPASS workshops.

Join Member Events

Whether you want to gather with peers to practice your messages, share support, or just for fun, members have opportunities to both join and create member-only events through the Network platform.

Do you have more questions about the COMPASS Network?

Who is the COMPASS Network for?

The COMPASS Network is open to anyone—at any career stage and in any profession—who has attended a COMPASS event and who would like further their science communication goals by joining a community of support and ongoing learning.

Does joining the COMPASS Network have a cost?

No! We will never charge admission to join the COMPASS Network. Some events open to Network members may have associated costs to attend, but we do not charge a fee to be a member of the COMPASS Network.

I’ve only been to one COMPASS training ever. Is the COMPASS Network for me?

Yes! The COMPASS Network is open to anyone who has attended a COMPASS event—whether a workshop, roundtable, or something else—and who would like to become part of a community of people committed to ongoing learning and working together to build a future where people and nature both thrive.

Can I join the COMPASS Network if I’ve never participated in a COMPASS event or workshop?

A core aspect of the COMPASS Network is a commitment to ongoing learning and growth in a community of support with shared values. Attending a COMPASS event (whether it’s participating in a full workshop or listening to a free panel) is a requirement so that you can learn more about our approach and values, and see whether this community is one you want to be part of. After registering for and attending a COMPASS event, you’ll be invited to join the Network (but don’t worry, we won’t add you without your consent)!

How do I join the COMPASS Network?

Once you’ve attended an event, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to join the COMPASS Network. Once you opt in, you’ll receive a link to create login credentials to the COMPASS Network’s online community.

What kind of time commitment does participation in the COMPASS Network involve?

This is entirely up to you. Some COMPASS alumni might only be interested in accessing specific skillbuilding opportunities, while others might look for connection and participate in ongoing conversations. You can decide what works best for you! 

Still have questions?

Contact us at and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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