We are constantly expanding our networks in the worlds of science, policy, and journalism. Our relationships and knowledge of trends allow us to identify gaps and lags between the science and the state of the discourse about a given topic. We identify and create new opportunities for scientists to interact with each other and other audiences. Our goal is to help scientists foster personal connections that catalyze or contribute to conversations about how and why the environment is changing, what those changes mean for people, and how science is contributing to more robust solutions to some of society's greatest challenges.

This part of our work is uniquely shaped by timing, salience, appetite, and broader social context. We connect scientists with:

  • Journalists. We provide fellowships to support journalists to attend scientific conferences, including the North American Congress for Conservation Biology in 2014 and 2016 and  the 2015 Society for Marine Mammalogy Meeting, and facilitate interactions between journalists and scientists at these events by arranging panel discussions and informal dinners where conversations can flourish. We also bring scientists to journalists, by either responding to requests from journalists to help introduce them to scientists, or helping design sessions at journalists’ gatherings that include scientists, such as at the Society of Environmental Journalists.


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