Reflecting on Engaging with Blue Carbon and Federal Policy

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Join COMPASS to learn about our recent year long project “Elevating the Science of Blue Carbon in Federal Policymaking.”

In October 2022 the COMPASS Strategic Engagement team along with Restore America’s Estuaries hosted an in-person roundtable event titled “Elevating the Science of Blue Carbon in Federal Policymaking.” This roundtable served as the culmination of a six month long program which brought together a diverse group of blue carbon subject matter experts and helped prepare them to engage effectively with members of congress around the topic of blue carbon. Following the preparatory program the blue carbon experts came together with a bipartisan group of Congressional staff to help identify areas where blue carbon policy could use further support and engagement by a variety of blue carbon experts.

Joining us will be three of the blue carbon experts who participated in the program to share their experience. You will hear from them about how they developed messages from their work for a U.S. congressional audience, the process of preparing for the in-person blue carbon roundtable and what lessons they’ll carry forward into their work. We will also touch upon topics like the policy window that prompted this program, why the experts chose to participate, and the “so what” of why this program mattered.


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