Dr. Anne Neale's Message Box

Dr. Anne Neale is a research scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development. She is the Project Lead for EnviroAtlas, an online, open-access tool allowing users to view, analyze, and download a wealth of geospatial data and other resources related to the benefits humans receive from nature. This data provides a framework to inform decisions and policies at multiple spatial scales, educate a range of audiences, and supply data for research.


Anne prepared this Message Box as part of a COMPASS workshop to illustrate how the information made available through EnviroAtlas (in this case, about the location of trees in communities) can be used to enhance tangible benefits to communities and the environment on the ground—including in her local community of Durham, North Carolina. She geared her Message Box to local planners to help guide decision-making about tree plantings in the city.

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