Happy Independence Day

By Brooke Smith

Jul 4, 2016


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By Brooke Smith. Published July 4, 2016
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It’s the Fourth of July—a day when we celebrate freedom, democracy, and independence. Our team is taking the time to celebrate with their loved ones this week, and we hope you’re able to as well!

I was so thrilled to receive the official letter from the IRS stating COMPASS’ independent non-profit status. 

Photo by Erin Moomey

We’re also celebrating a different kind of independence here at COMPASS this week: this is the first week we are operating as a truly independent non-profit organization. While we have always been a non-profit, many people haven’t realized we have been operating for the past decade-plus as a non-profit with a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsors are great ways for small non-profits to get the back office support they need. Behind the scenes they process payroll, manage an audit, and administer checks and contracts. We have truly appreciated the support and assistance we’ve received through our fiscal sponsors (including most recently the Tides Foundation) and founding entities over the years; the nurture and care they provided have enabled us to reach the point where we can strike out on our own to keep growing and expanding the reach of our mission.

As you can imagine, this move involves lots of changes for us, but it does not change our mission and vision – we will continue to empower scientists to communicate their work and engage in the public discourse about the environment. It changes things behind the scenes for us –  the name on our paycheck, how we code our credit card expenses, who our health care providers are, etc. Now that we are an independent 501(c)(3), we hope we are able to be more efficient in our back office so we can dedicate more energy and resources to our mission and programs. We’re very excited for this next chapter in COMPASS’ growth and evolution. We look forward to continuing to work with scientists to share their knowledge and engage in productive public discourse, and contribute to thriving ecosystems and society. Happy Independence Day to you all!

Brooke Smith was Executive Director at COMPASS from 2004-2016.

This post was transferred from its original location at www.compassonline.org to www.COMPASSscicomm.org, April 2017.

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