Side-by-Side Example: Benefits Section

See the full side-by-side of Kathy's Message Box here.

  • Currently, land is being lost at a rate of 2 million acres/year—larger than RI + DE—help us stem the tide of rampant, thoughtless development and make development and species conservation go hand in hand.

  • Being more effective at wildlife conservation preserves our natural heritage and will only increase the $145 billion in revenue that comes from hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

  • Prevent costly process of listing species and designating critical habitat. Reduces potential conflict between land owners and gov't, because wildlife and landowners. Increases governmental efficiency.

  • Brings gov't into 21st century of wildlife conservation by being proactive, providing corridors, and helping species in the face of climate change.


This lists multiple benefits of creating corridors across the country for wildlife. But it also includes some information that outlines the problem, and would be better included in that section of the Message Box, for clarity. 

Initial Feedback

  • Conserve wildlife and the multiple values they provide by allowing movement.

  • Prevent species from becoming endangered to avoid costly recovery efforts in the future.

  • Reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions

  • Increase revenue from wildlife viewing, hunting, and fishing.


This is a lot more streamlined and clear—Kathy can always add more detail back in discussions with members of Congress and their staff if she discovers she has time. By reorganizing some of the original information to other parts of the Message Box, Kathy can better help her audience understand what the benefits to them will be.   

Refined Feedback

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