Side-by-Side Example: Problem Section

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  • The old paradigm of wildlife conservation—where protected areas are established and wildlife is considered 'conserved'—fails to adequately protect many species—we have the tools to fix this issue

  • Under the specter of continued land cover changes, the maintenance of biodiversity and ecological processes will depend on rigorously defined protected area/corridor networks at regional and continental scales

  • This is especially true under a changing climate. It has been shown that wildlife are shifting their ranges at a rate 3x previously thought (11 miles further N. every decade = equivalent to the world's animals slowly shifting 20 cm north every hour to escape warmer weather.


This includes a lot of factual detail, and a lot of that detail is focused on the solution, rather than the problem she wants to discuss.

Initial Feedback

  • Many species of wildlife in the US are declining.

  • The US loses about 2 million acres of natural land per year—larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. This loss fragments wildlife habitat and inhibits wildlife movement.

  • Wildlife do not observe political boundaries, yet federal, state, tribal, and local agencies don't coordinate land use decisions.


This spells out the base problem—that wildlife are declining—and the two key points included about why that is happening also fit with how Kathy articulated the Issue.

Refined Feedback

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