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  • A single, national platform to assess natural areas, wildlife connectivity, and ecosystem health across the nation

  • Identifying corridors in a national context and having legislation in place that will help to:

    1. identify corridors in a national context regardless of political boundaries or jurisdictions

    2. designate lands as a "corridor"

    3. project and manage lands as corridors

  • A review of 25 years of peer-reviewed articles revealed that the most frequent recommendation for protecting biodiversity is improved connectivity to ensure species can move and adapt in response to climate-induced changes.


Here, Kathy lists several components needed in national legislation to create wildlife corridors, and refers to the large body of scientific literature indicating that corridors are necessary for wildlife survival.

Initial Feedback

  • 25 years of scientific research indicates that connections between natural areas is crucial for wildlife movement and longterm survival.

  • Congress should pass the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act to create a national geographic information system with maps to identify and prioritize natural corridors for wildlife and to require all relevant federal, tribal, state, and local government agencies to coordinate on land use decisions.


Here, Kathy tailored her message to a more general congressional audience—typically very busy people dealing with dozens of issues simultaneously, with limited time to grasp complex concepts. She mentions the science supporting the need for the bill, and then simply urges her audience to support the introduced bill with a brief description of what it would do.

Refined Feedback

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