Support your message with  data—but not too much!
Limit the use of numbers and statistics.
Use specific examples.

Making Your Messages Memorable

Think of the Message Box as a framework. It allows you to focus on what's most important and what will resonate with your audience. But once you've got a clear message, you'll want to add flesh to those bones. How do you take the essential ideas and make them memorable and compelling to your audience?

Consider anecdotes, examples, metaphors, sound-bites, and facts that would resonate with your audience and can supplement and reinforce your messages. This is where some of the detail and data you took out of your Message Box can come back into play. As you prepare for your paper, presentation, meeting, or interview, here are some points to keep in mind to communicate effectively.

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Lead with what you know.
Compare numbers or concepts with something most people can relate to.


Use accessible language.
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