Our Leadership

In contrast to our early days, science communication is now widely discussed, taught, and promoted. We are thrilled to see increased appetite for these skills and ideas. Despite the growing enthusiasm, many cultural, financial, and practical obstacles still challenge scientists who seek deeper engagement with society. In conjunction with many partners from across the field of science communication, we lead and participate in efforts that contribute to changing cultures and systems, to allow more scientists to engage effectively.


We write peer-reviewed articles and commentaries such as Stand up for Science and Science Communication at a Tipping Point, lead discussions on systemic change (including #GradSciComm, our National Science Foundation-funded project to convene a community to explore how to integrate communications training into the curriculum for graduate STEM education), and speak, convene, and facilitate conversations about science communication and engagement. We also published a book—our Nancy Baron's Escape from the Ivory Tower.


Curious about our current projects and ideas? Read our blog for our latest thoughts and weekly science communication updates.

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