Applications Open For The 2017 Wilburforce Fellowship In Conservation Science

Wilburforce Foundation and COMPASS are excited to announce that applications are open for the second cohort of the Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science.

The fellowship, which was designed to establish a supportive community of conservation scientists to effectively communicate their decision-relevant research, will begin in 2017. Fellows will participate in a six-day training in science communication, leadership, and engagement, and will receive support and coaching to reach their conservation goals throughout the fellowship year. The new cohort of fellows will join the 2015 fellows in building a network of skilled conservation scientists ready to contribute to action around conservation issues and solutions.

The 2015 Wilburforce Fellows, with trainers and journalists, at the training in Seattle. From left to right: back row—David Malakoff, David Mildrexler, Ben Alexander, Chris Parish, Jon Bakker, Brian Harvey; middle row—Michelle Nijhuis, Sergio Avila, Nancy Baron, Melissa Lucash, Jonaki Bhattacharyya, Matt Williamson, Jeff Burnside, Aerin Jacob, Erin Sexton, Meade Krosby, Amanda Stanley; front row—Chad English, Jean Polfus, Kyle Artelle, Jim Handman, Clare Aslan, Regina Rochefort, Robert Long, Jonathan Moore. Not pictured: Lauren Urgenson.

The 2015 cohort brought together scientists from diverse career stages, backgrounds, fields of research, and locations—from academia to First Nations, ecology to policy, and Arizona to British Columbia. They shared their time, their talents, and their stories, with truly remarkable outcomes. After the training, here was what one of the fellows had to say: Empowered by my week with these amazing scientists (…) I will stand at the brink and try to find my voice in the world and hope that it will find the voices of the other fellows in my circle. Together we will be a call to action. I hope that we will give voice to the caribou, alpine meadows, California condor, martens and forests and that these voices will halt climate change, help to preserve beautiful places, and create a world for our children where grizzlies roam and salmon swim. We are thrilled to grow this inspired group of leaders. The fellowship is open to all scientists working within the Wilburforce priority areas who are interested in using their science to make a difference in conservation, excited about supporting their colleagues, and ready to commit to this transformative, year-long experience.

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Many of the 2015 Wilburforce Fellows will be attending the NACCB 2016 conference, so introduce yourself and ask them about their experience. They’ll be able to tell you what they have gained by being a Wilburforce Fellow. The two program co-leads Amanda Stanley and Nancy Baron will also be there and can answer questions.

To learn more about the Wilburforce Fellowship, see here and here. To apply, click here; additional questions may be directed to WilburforceFellows@COMPASSonline.org. This post was transferred from its original location at www.compassonline.org to www.COMPASSscicomm.org, April 2017.

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