COMPASS Town Hall at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018

This Wednesday, February 14, COMPASS will host a lively and interactive Town Hall discussion as part of the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon—Making Your Science Matter: Engaging with decision-makers to navigate ocean change. The Town Hall will feature a stellar panel of scientists with stories to share about working with stakeholders and building relationships with policy makers to address multiple dimensions of ocean change. After introductions and a Q&A session moderated by COMPASS staff Estelle S. Robichaux and Meg Nakahara, the panelists will each lead small group discussions about bridging the gaps between science and decision-making, followed by appetizers and drinks. Attending #OSM2018? Join us!

More about the Town Hall: Given the pace and scale of ocean change, there is a growing urgency to bridge the gaps between science and decision-making so that society can better understand and respond to change. In this interactive session, scientists will share their stories of engaging with decision-makers—from industry, to resource managers, to state and federal policymakers—to address multiple dimensions of ocean change. For example, at Hog Island, Oyster Co., farmers collaborate with scientists from UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory to monitor changing ocean conditions, informing decisions that impact the success of their business. In Oregon, interactions between scientists and policymakers, spanning more than a decade, catalyzed passage of a new ground-breaking law that will enable the state to proactively adapt to and mitigate the effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia. And across the country, scientists are engaging with managers and policymakers to address the implications of climate change for fisheries. Drawing on these experiences from the panelists, and COMPASS’ rich history as a boundary organization supporting scientists to engage, we’ll catalyze interactive discussions about what leads to success as well as failure, so that participants eager to share their work can start mapping their own pathways for meaningful engagement with decision-makers. Questions? Contact Estelle S. Robichaux at Estelle.robichaux@compassscicomm.org.

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