Erica Goldman, Our New Director Of Policy Engagement

COMPASS is excited to announce that Erica Goldman will be taking on a new role and new responsibilities as our Director of Policy Engagement. Since joining COMPASS over four years ago as Assistant Director of Science Policy Outreach, Erica has passionately and tirelessly worked towards COMPASS’ vision of helping more scientists engage, and engage effectively, in the public discourse about the environment. Erica is an uber-connector—she is always matchmaking, especially between policymakers and scientists—and a silo-buster, constantly looking for ways to bridge ideas, communities and concepts. Erica has helped scientists get to know their policy audiences, been a cultural bridge between the worlds of science and policy, and championed ways for academic scientists to include policy engagement in their careers. Erica has also helped ensure communication is part of scientific training, through her co-leadership of our #gradscicomm effort and as a mentor and voice for non-traditional PhD careers (like her own at COMPASS, which we are grateful for!).

I’ve long said that Erica is a COMPASS triple threat: a Ph.D. in biology, time in the newsroom at Science Magazine, and experience in the policy world, both early on as Capitol Hill staff and now just returned from temporary assignment to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. She brings science, policy and journalism chops to our team.

Erica has helped scientists navigate the policy world for years. As a COMPASS Director, Erica will oversee COMPASS’ presence in Washington D.C., continuing to coach and train scientists in their efforts to connect with policy audiences, and leading our work to connect scientists to the policy discourse around oceans, ecosystem services, fire, and water, while also helping us to grow our work in these areas and move into more areas within the environmental discourse. We are so excited to have Erica as part of our organizational leadership moving forward!

COMPASS is on the cusp of a number of exciting changes and opportunities. As some of our capacity has recently shifted, we will be looking to build out our team in the coming months. Our next blog post will provide more information on the kind of people and skills we’re looking for. Please check back here next week if you, or people you know, are interested in opportunities with COMPASS. We are looking forward to a busy summer and fall of training and connecting scientists, and growing our capacity to take on more in the years to come. Brooke Smith was Executive Director at COMPASS from 2004-2016. This post was transferred from its original location at www.compassonline.org to www.COMPASSscicomm.org in 2017.

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