Join Us As An NACCB 2018 Journalist Fellow, For The Latest In Conservation Science!

We’re excited to announce that COMPASS will be providing travel fellowships for journalists from the United States and Canada to attend the North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) in Toronto, Ontario, July 21-26.

Journalists kick off the COMPASS NACCB opening plenary in Missoula, Montana—"Conservation Tapas: Small Bites of Big Issues." Left to right: Nancy Baron (COMPASS), Christopher Joyce (NPR), Michelle Nijhuis (Independent Journalist), David Malakoff (Science), Ed Struzik (Independent Journalist), Jeff Burnside (past president of the Society of Environmental Journalists), and Coral Davenport (New York Times).

This biennial conference, hosted by the Society of Conservation Biology, is a forum for over 1,000 conservation scientists, professionals, and students to share their latest research, explore challenges, and foster collaborations. The conservation topics covered are wide-ranging and represent the newest findings from across Canada and the United States. The conference theme this year is Conservation Science, Policy, & Practice: Connecting the Urban to the Wild, examining the role of conservation in the interplay between human and biological communities. Past COMPASS journalist fellowships to the North American Congress for Conservation Biology have proven wildly successful for journalists and scientists alike. At the previous two NACCB conferences in Missoula, Montana (2014) and Madison, Wisconsin (2016), journalists were woven throughout the conference activities, including being introduced during the opening plenary, and in some cases acting as moderators or discussants in sessions and symposia. A range of activities is planned for this year’s NACCB in Canada, based on feedback from both previous journalist fellows and the scientists attending the conference. An evening ‘Pitch Pit’, where researchers pitch their science and received feedback from the journalists, will be back by popular demand.

Our philosophy for providing conference fellowships is to foster connections between scientists and journalists, and to provide journalists access to new research, leading thinkers, and as-yet-untold stories. Scientists and conservation managers benefit from having journalists at conferences as well, not just because of the potential for their research to reach a broader audience, but also because of the questions journalists ask and the societal perspectives they bring. As a result, we’ve seen many long-lasting connections made, story ideas seeded, and plans generated for journalists to venture into the field with researchers to learn more. Every conversation is an opportunity to spark new thinking for both parties. We have seen time and again the value of bringing journalists and scientists together, and the lasting impact. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity again with the support of the Wilburforce and Sitka Foundations. Eligibility: Fellowships will be awarded to professional reporters, editors, and science writers for print, broadcast, and online outlets. Our goal is to inform reporting about conservation science in a broad range of outlets, and to provide opportunities for reporters to connect with leading conservation researchers and experts from across North America. We particularly encourage journalists from indigenous communities, or covering topics important to indigenous communities, to apply. What the Fellowship Includes: Travel stipend of up to $650 USD, shared accommodation for 3 nights at the conference (July 22-25), and $250 USD for per diem (in total). Single rooms can be arranged for an additional cost. Journalist fellows will be expected to participate in COMPASS conference activities designed to enhance journalist and scientist connections and communication, including attending an opening plenary panel session on Sunday night, moderated by COMPASS Director of Science Outreach Nancy Baron (where journalist fellows will be introduced to the conference attendees), a post-plenary reception, and a Tuesday evening ‘Pitch Pit’ event. How to Apply: The application period closes March 9, 2018. To apply, email the following to COMPASSfellowship@COMPASSscicomm.org:

1. Brief bio or CV (link is fine).

2. Brief cover letter including:

  • Why you would like to attend NACCB 2018

  • Which themes you hope to pursue

  • An overview of your outlet(s) and audience(s)

3. Three published clips or samples of your work (URLs, PDFs, or multimedia files are fine).

4. Complete contact information, including email, phone number, blog and website URLs, Twitter username, and mailing address.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah Sunu at sarah.sunu@COMPASSscicomm.org. We greatly appreciate the financial support of Wilburforce Foundation and the Sitka Foundation, which enables us to offer this fellowship, and the partnership of Y2Y and the NACCB conference organizers in making the fellowship possible.

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