Marching for Science—This Weekend & Beyond

COMPASS is proud to join many other distinguished organizations as an official partner of the March for Science. In doing so, we stand in solidarity to champion science and scientists as pillars of a thriving society. In keeping with a core tenet of our communication trainings—the power of speaking from your why—we want to share our ‘why’ for partnering with the March for Science. Our mission is to empower scientists to engage

in the public discourse about the environment. We advocate for science and scientists to be at the tables where decisions are made, from farmhouses to state houses to the White House. We believe that decisions and solutions informed by science will be more robust and lead to a more sustainable future.

This coming Saturday (April 22), thousands will march in Washington, D.C., and at satellite marches around the world in support of science and scientific integrity—for the ability of scientists to share their science with the public free of political interference; for evidence-based decision-making; for the contributions of science to our health, safety, and prosperity; and for science as a fundamental way of understanding the world. We’re excited not only about the galvanizing milestone of this weekend, but also about ways to harness that energy for the marathon that follows. While science has always been political, it’s largely managed to be nonpartisan. We believe the best way to inoculate against partisanship in science is to humanize the conversation about the values of science to society by building relationships, rapport, and trust. Engaging with society takes a willingness to put not just your science out there, but also yourself. It’s about listening, with empathy and humility, to truly understand the concerns, perspectives, and beliefs of others. It’s about seeking common ground, and connecting with people based on where they are, rather than where you want them to be. We hope that you will march with us—this Saturday, as well as in the coming weeks, months, and years. We march for science to be at the table and ensure that all scientists are welcome there, regardless of discipline, gender, disability, affiliation, or ethnicity. We march to ensure that scientists have the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life about how the world is changing, what those changes mean for the future, and point the way to solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges. We march because science is vital to a thriving society and a flourishing planet. We march to support the myriad of ways that science benefits us all.

Image info: Scott Butner, CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

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