Priya Shukla

Priya Shukla

Policy Engagement Fellow

8720 Georgia Ave Suite 803

Silver Spring, MD 20910

We're happy to welcome Priya Shukla as she joins the COMPASS team temporarily through an NSF fellowship program. Priya is currently pursuing a PhD in Ecology at the University of California, Davis, where she is studying the effects of climate change on seafood grown in the coastal ocean. She is specifically interested in how temperature-driven disease outbreaks affect oyster and mussel aquaculture. Priya will put her expertise to use as she joins the DC COMPASS office in July and August to help prepare for and deliver our Aquaculture Roundtable at the end of July.


An avid science communicator, she is a Forbes contributor with a digital column focused on ocean science and climate change. She is currently a Graduate Fellow in the Sustainable Oceans National Science Foundation Research Traineeship program at UC Davis. Priya received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Management at UC Davis and earned her Master’s in Ecology from San Diego State University.

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