Register Now for Virtual Message Box Workshop on July 8th


Jun 1, 2021


Minute Read


Even though we’ve provided strategic science communication training to over 8,000 scientists in the past twenty years, we know that there are many more people who’d like to have that experience, but haven’t yet been able to. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re opening registration for a virtual Message Box workshop on Thursday, July 8th (with more to come later this year)!

This may have felt like a long time coming. After all, there are plenty of virtual trainings that have been out there for years now. But it was deeply important to our team to ensure that the quality of any virtual workshop that we offered was just as high as the quality of our in-person offerings – and we think we’ve accomplished that. 

If you’ve attended one of our Message Box workshops before, all the elements that you remember are still there, from the learning-practice-feedback cycle, to the grounding of content in the latest research on communication, to ample time for questions and answers (including office hours with COMPASS afterwards!). But we’ve also adjusted to make the most of the virtual setting, creating new content and activities that are uniquely adapted for online groups. 

And this workshop isn’t just for people who call themselves scientists. It’s open to anyone who would like to build their strategic science communication skills. Because of COMPASS’ mission, the majority of people who have been involved with our past workshops are professional researchers, scientists, and science users whose work focuses on the environment. However, this workshop is suitable for anyone seeking to make their communication efforts more strategic and relevant for their audience. 

Becoming a better communicator is a practice, not a destination; wherever you are on your journey, this workshop will provide you with an opportunity to practice communicating strategically about something that matters to you.

Learn more and register here (there is an Early Bird discount if you register by June 18th!) – and if you can’t make it on July 8th, don’t worry – we’ll be offering another one on October 14th!


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