Dr. Francisco Guerrero-Bolaño

Welcoming Dr. Francisco Guerrero-Bolaño, our new Science Communication Liaison!


Aug 10, 2020


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We are very excited to announce that Dr. Francisco Guerrero-Bolaño is joining the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) and COMPASS as our new Science Communication Liaison. Francisco will be working closely with COMPASS, training and coaching scientists at NCEAS to amplify the impact of their research by reaching key audiences across a diversity of contexts and geographic scales. COMPASS and NCEAS have a long history of partnership, collaboration, and shared goals, and this position will add new dimensions to what we can accomplish together.

“One of our key roles at COMPASS is to serve as connectors – between research and practice, scientists and decision-makers, disciplines and geographies. This position is a bridge between NCEAS and COMPASS, and Francisco stood out in a highly competitive pool of applicants with his broad science background as well as his experience as a bridge-builder. I am excited for all the possibilities ahead.”

– Amanda Stanley, Executive Director of COMPASS

With expertise in forestry, water, and science communication, Francisco brings extensive knowledge to this position and the NCEAS and COMPASS teams. His experiences as a science communication practitioner and trainer (including a AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship with CNN Español) will serve him well as he connects with audiences across disciplines and cultures.

“COMPASS has been an important presence at NCEAS for over a decade. With this new position, we’ll expand the scope and reach of our partnership. Strategic science communication is a critical skill for all scientists, and we’re eager to support more of our researchers in developing their competence and confidence in sharing their work.”

– Ben Halpern, Executive Director of NCEAS

We hope you will join us in welcoming Francisco!


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