Welcoming Lori Arguelles as COMPASS’ new Director of Policy Engagement

By Amanda Stanley

Feb 11, 2019


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I’m thrilled to announce that Lori Arguelles is joining us as our new Director of Policy Engagement in Washington, D.C. Lori will build on our past successes and grow our efforts to bring science and scientists to decision-making tables. Lori is a long-time ocean champion, and has been connected to COMPASS’ work through her roles at SeaWeb, NOAA, and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Most recently, Lori served as the President and CEO of the Alice Ferguson Foundation, a nonprofit in Maryland that promotes the sustainability of the Potomac River through environmental education and outreach programs. Lori’s leadership at the Alice Ferguson Foundation included many accomplishments, from the certification of their education building as a ‘Living Building’ (one of the greenest certifications possible) to the convening of over a hundred policy makers and nonprofits to discuss soil science and climate change.

Lori speaks policy, media, and science fluently, from her early career as a broadcast radio reporter, to her time as press secretary for two members of Congress, to her tenure as Director of Public and Constituent Affairs for NOAA. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of how policy and communication work between and across agencies and branches of government.

One of the hallmarks of the COMPASS team is that each member brings unique knowledge, skills, and expertise to the table. We bridge cultures and communities to support stronger relationships and evidence-based decision making. Lori’s wealth of professional experience in doing just that for organizations like NOAA, SeaWeb, and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation make her a great fit for our work. She’s a champion for the environment, for scientists, and for the role that scientists can play in decision-making.

We’re so excited to welcome Lori to the team! Learn how to connect with Lori here.

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