Before the Message: Creating a Strategic Communication Plan (Video)

By Meg Nakahara

May 28, 2024


Minute Read



At its best, communication serves to unite people from various backgrounds and perspectives around a shared vision. Yet we often start crafting our key messages without a clear idea of who we are communicating with, what matters to them, or how we want them to make change with us. This approach can make our messages fall flat and leave us feeling disconnected instead. To make the most of our efforts, it helps to take some time before putting messages to paper to clarify our purpose and current understanding of those we most need to reach.

In this webinar recording, COMPASS’s Associate Director of Capacity Building, Meg Nakahara, walks you through the process of building a strategic communication plan that centers your goals and audience(s), including articulating your reason for communicating, identifying your key audiences and their motivations, and brainstorming where and how to reach them.


This webinar took place on May 22, 2024. To join future COMPASS event, please visit our Events Page here.


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