Scientists can be powerful agents
of change

We Believe

Science is essential to solving society’s greatest challenges.

What We Do

Prepare Science Leaders

We create inclusive spaces where scientists can learn new skills, make long-lasting connections, and explore how they want to have an impact. Learn more about leadership development with COMPASS.


In-depth, highly interactive, and personalized science communication, policy, and strategy trainings will teach you to find the relevance of your science for key audiences, set your goals for change, and motivate and inspire you to reach them.

Leadership Programs

Leadership programs provide structure and space for you to experience transformational growth and develop lifelong relationships.

Coaching & Strategic Support

Respond to emergent opportunities, refine your skills, and collaborate on strategy with experienced communicators and media and policy experts.

It was like getting out of my science cocoon and starting to explore what I was meant to do. I was given the space to step back and really analyze why I’m doing what I’m doing.

~ Bray Beltrán, Science Director​, Heart of the Rockies Initiative

What We Do

Support Leaders in Action

We don’t just help scientists find their voice – we help them use it. We work within and across a consciously-woven network spanning disciplines, ideologies, sectors, and fields. From our unique vantage point, we spot and open doors that lead to new partnerships and solutions, bringing scientists and communities together to co-create the future. Learn about our collaborations and the solutions that grow from them.

Develop Strategies For Engagement

We build the capacity of scientists to engage around topics they care about and develop communication frames and strategies for individual and collective action.

Convene People When & Where It Matters

We convene scientists with members of the community to create a systems-wide view of a problem and create a range of possible solutions.

Synthesize Science

We evaluate the current state of science, research, and practice in partnership with the scientists doing the work, and share it in accessible and understandable ways with the people who need it.

Create a Community of Support

We connect scientists across disciplines and fields and engage with the broader science communication field, so they can learn from one another and amplify each other’s work.

Modeling a New Culture of Science

The challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change demand solutions that are equitable, inclusive, and just.

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Register Now for Virtual Message Box Workshop on July 8th

Register Now for Virtual Message Box Workshop on July 8th

Even though we’ve provided strategic science communication training to over 8,000 scientists in the past twenty years, we know that there are many more people who’d like to have that experience, but haven’t yet been able to. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that...

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Pathways to Engagement: Guest Review

Pathways to Engagement: Guest Review

Intersectionality and Mission Clarity are Key for SciComm Training Organizations Across science communication training organizations, we routinely emphasize two things: Know your audience and know your goal. In this way, the scientists and researchers we train can...

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Meet the 2021 Wilburforce Leaders in Conservation Science

Meet the 2021 Wilburforce Leaders in Conservation Science

COMPASS and Wilburforce Foundation are thrilled to announce the 2021 cohort of Wilburforce Leaders in Conservation Science! This year-long program prepares scientists for meaningful change within themselves, their communities, and society. From the Arctic to northern...

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