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Coaching & Strategic Support

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I’ve been engaging with external audiences about my research on controversial forest management issues for nearly 40 years, but this was the best opportunity I’ve had to participate in a critical evaluation of the whole communication process with a group of research peers and media experts… Simply hearing what a ‘day in the life of a journalist’ is like will change the way I react to the next email or phone request for an interview.

~ Dr. Tom Veblen, University of Colorado, Boulder

Having someone with a critical eye who knows the science but also how things work on Capitol Hill, someone who can say ‘that’s too much jargon' or explain the proposed legislation or the constraints—that’s an invaluable service that COMPASS provides.

~ Dr. Scott Doney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your science with people who can use it, the value of the COMPASS practitioners to help you communicate, and the network of opportunities COMPASS can provide. It’s worth your time.

~ Dr. Brian Chaffin, Assistant Professor of Water Policy, University of Montana

Much of my ability to connect with journalists comes from my willingness to engage them on their terms. COMPASS helped me learn how to identify what journalists need, and to talk about my work in that context.

~ Dr. Gretchen Hofmann

You know your COMPASS training worked when a congressional staffer repeats your message back to you more than a year later!

~ Dr. Jennifer Balch, Director, Earth Lab; Associate Professor of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder