Ethics, Partnership, and Social Science in Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal


Jul 6, 2023


Minute Read


At this year’s Capitol Hill Ocean Week, we brought together experts from different fields for a nuance discussion on what it will take for ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) strategies to become equitable climate interventions. The panelists talked about the need for multidisciplinary perspectives and local partnership; justice concerns that should guide the development of an ethical framework for ocean CDR research, governance, and potential deployment; and social science research needed to identify and engage the different actors involved.  Given the potential social and environmental risks, rewards, and responsibilities associated with ocean CDR strategies, we need to make sure our actions are guided by ethics, multidisciplinary perspectives, and local partnerships. View the full conversation below:

Meet the Speakers

Opening Remarks: Amanda Stanley, Executive Director, COMPASS

Moderator: Shannon Osaka, Climate Zeitgeist Reporter, The Washington Post


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