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COMPASS was a tremendous force multiplier of my ability to communicate my science effectively and compellingly. I use some aspect of my COMPASS training literally every single week.

~ Dr. Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, Esri

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Building resilience starts with us

Building resilience starts with us

At a conference featuring talks about biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change, you might not expect to have a panel talk focused around how to be personally resilient in the face of such challenges. Yet that’s exactly what COMPASS’ plenary, titled...

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Coastal Conversations with Dr. Jenni Pollack (Video)

Coastal Conversations with Dr. Jenni Pollack (Video)

Science can have the greatest impact when scientists engage beyond the lab and field and build meaningful connections with the people who can most benefit from their work. But the path to connection isn't always clear or straightforward. What if there are existing...

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