Supporting Leaders In Action

Convening for Solutions

Bringing the right people together to advance solutions

Having someone with a critical eye who knows the science but also how things work on Capitol Hill, someone who can say ‘that’s too much jargon’ or explain the proposed legislation or the constraints—that’s an invaluable service that COMPASS provides.

~ Dr. Scott Doney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Scientific Synthesis

Making sense out of science

Building a Community
of Support

We believe the connections between scientists are just as important as the connections those scientists make to policymakers and the media. We link scientists across disciplines, institutions, fields of study, ideologies, and geographies, so that they can learn from one another, support each other’s growth and transformation, and amplify each other’s efforts.

Bridging Communities

Working with journalists, policymakers, & community leaders

Scientists Changing the World 

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Building Bridges with Purpose

Building Bridges with Purpose

Bray Beltrán grew up valuing community health and well-being, and in his career, he has always gone above and beyond to center community impact. But it was only in the last few years that Bray really identified that as his purpose. Growing up in a muggy coastal town...

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