Strategic Science Communication with Dr. John C. Besley

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We’re excited to host a discussion with science communication researcher Dr. John Besley on Wednesday, January 25 about his latest book with his colleague (and COMPASS Board Member) Dr. Anthony Dudo, Strategic Science Communication: A Guide to Setting the Right Objectives for More Effective Public Engagement!

John and Anthony’s book is an important addition to the field of science communication practice. Making evidence-based, strategic communication choices is an integral practice for anyone interested in communicating science to help make a difference in the world. Yet John and Anthony’s research shows that many science professionals start with a limited perspective about the strategic choices available to them which may hinder their ability to achieve their communication goals. Specifically, their book aims to expand science professionals’ understanding of the role of objectives — the beliefs, feelings, and frames that may affect their audience’s behavior (e.g.beliefs about the natural world, self-efficacy beliefs, or beliefs about the communicator’s trustworthiness).

Join us for a conversation with John about the range of objectives discussed in the book, how social science research can help us make informed choices, and how he and Anthony hope the insights from this book will be put into practice. While we highly recommend reading the book, you do not need to have read it to participate in the conversation. COMPASS staff will provide light facilitation and start the conversation, but we’re also looking forward to hearing John’s responses to yourquestions!

Come learn about John’s research, ask questions, and share your thoughts and experience with the group!


About the Author

Dr. Besley studies public opinion about science and scientists’ opinions about the public. His goal is to help science communicators be more effective by helping them consider evidence-based and strategic communication choices. He also does research aimed at understanding how peoples’ views about decision-makers and decision processes (i.e., trustworthiness and fairness beliefs) affect their overall perceptions of science and technology (S&T) with potential health or environmental impacts. Read more >


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