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Published Articles

INSIGHT: Giving Science a Voice in Public Policy

By Stephen Posner and Nancy Baron. Bloomberg Environment, 2019.

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Policy Engagement for Sustainability Leaders

By Stephen Posner. Ch. 10 of Developing Change Agents: Innovative Practices for Sustainability Leadership, 2019.

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Boundary-spanning at the science-policy interface: the practitioner’s perspective

Co-authors include Erica Goldman, Heather Mannix, and Stephen Posner. Sustainability Science, 2018.

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So You Want to Change the World?

By Nancy Baron. Nature, 2016.

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COMPASS: Navigating the Rules of Scientific Engagement

By Brooke Smith and COMPASS staff. PLOS Biology, 2013.

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Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems

Co-authors include Chad English and Heather Galindo. Annual Review of Marine Science, 2012.

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Stand Up for Science

By Nancy Baron. Nature, 2010.

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Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans

Edited by Karen McLeod (COMPASS) and Heather Leslie. Island Press, 2009.

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