Composite image of the fifteen 2020 Scientist Sentinels.

Announcing the 2020 Scientist Sentinels


Jan 21, 2020


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One of the most exciting and impactful aspects of our work is bringing people together. That’s why we’re so excited to share the 15 outstanding science leaders comprising the second cohort of the Scientist Sentinels: Civic Engagement & Leadership Program. COMPASS’s Assistant Director of Policy Engagement Heather Mannix and Deputy Director Karen McLeod will be leading the retreat with Pamela Chiang of Chiange, Inc., and Joanna Nadeau of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“We are so excited to offer this program again and build on the success of the first cohort, who’ve done amazing things over the past year and a half. Karen, Pamela, Joanna and I are looking forward to working with all of these amazing scientists and supporting them to be change makers and leaders in their communities,” says Heather Mannix.

These passionate and dedicated natural and social scientists span many geographies, identities, communities and disciplines—from Pennsylvania to California, environmental health to conservation biology, graduate students to professors to professionals. They all share a drive to champion the role of scientists as pillars of a thriving society and to use their science to improve the well-being of people and nature.

In March, the 9-month leadership program kicks off with initial webinars designed to introduce the cohort to the environmental policy landscape and jumpstart exploration into their own engagement pathways. In April, the cohort will come together for retreat to discuss their individual purpose, practice strategic communication and leadership skills, make connections to drive change, and begin to build an inspiring, lasting network of support. Throughout the program, we’ll be bringing in experts and leaders from the environmental community and beyond to provide guidance, motivation and encouragement to the group.

“This is a highly competitive program, and we were overwhelmed by the caliber of applications we received,” said Dr. Amanda Stanley, COMPASS’s Executive Director. “These outstanding scientists are modeling new ways of doing science—purposeful, inclusive, engaged, and solutions-focused—and we are thrilled to support them through the Scientist Sentinels program.”

Join us in welcoming the 2020 Scientist Sentinels, and learn more about the 2018 Sentinels here!

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